About us

PULSAR is a company established in 1994. Its main profile is production of equipment and accessories for alarm, access control and CCTV systems. Currently, our production halls, the warehouse and other plant departments cover 8000 m2. Our company employs more than 200 people with high professional qualifications, working in each of the following departments: production, construction and technological, marketing and administration. This allows us to ensure constant high quality of the products and provided services.

Pulsar is a leader in Poland in its industry and has many partners in Europe and other countries around the World. The company position in the market is a result of high quality and reliability of our products, experience and excellent customer service. The company policy ensures continuous increase in sales and expansion into new markets. The company has been gradually extending training range and actively participates in fairs and trade events, (e.g. SECUREX, IFSEC, EXPO PROTECTION) due to the contacts with our customers and buyers.

As a manufacturer, we offer 90% of our products available in stock.


In concern for product quality, our production process is based exclusively on highest quality components supplied by reliable distributors. Devices are subjected to repeated checks during each production stage. Having in mind legal and functional aspects, the equipment is put through the LVD and EMC tests in accredited research laboratories. This is proven by valid CE certificates and certificates confirming equipment compliance with the PN-EN 50131 standard for alarm systems issued for selected products. High functional and technical quality is proven by our clients’ opinions. Having obtained a quality management system certificate ISO 9001, our company guarantees proper quality policy.

We ensure high quality of our products through:

  • full adjustment and improvement of our quality management system, as per the standard ISO 9001
  • increasing quality level of products and services
  • systematic improvement of production, testing and control methods, and supervising production processes
  • showing required flexibility in adjusting to client’s needs and requirements as far as manufacturing and services are concerned
  • delivery of products and services always in conformity with applicable specifications (clients’ standards and requirements)
  • systematic training for all company employees due to the Quality Management System requirements
  • developing our cooperation with qualified suppliers

The quality of our products is proven by the opinions of our satisfied clients.

Mission and aims of the company

The company mission is to provide unrivalled customer service and delivery of products, which are:

  • reliable
  • sold at attractive prices
  • of highest quality and delivered on most convenient logistic conditions

We make efforts to give our clients the sense of comfort, and to meet their expectations through professionalism and flexibility of our operations. We appreciate the contribution of each employee in the accomplishment of our common goals; we trust them and respect their personalities. We bear full responsibility for our work.

Our primary goals include ensuring proper work environment, management methods and relationships between employees to enhance their motivation, and also:

  • our clients’ full satisfaction with services and products we sell
  • promotion of PULSAR company and house brand
  • modernisation of production technology
  • maintaining the position of a reliable and solid supplier of products / services, including products requiring modern constructional and technological solutions
  • keeping our customer service at highest level
  • strengthening our relations with current clients and suppliers
  • improving our Quality Management System
  • improving production processes and increasing our company economic efficiency

These actions guarantee continuous company growth and increasing quality of manufactured products.


PULSAR has been continuously extending its products range. New designs are the result of thorough analysis of market needs and consultations with business partners. New products are being developed by our qualified Design Department engineering staff, who take into account distributors’ and fitters’ comments and opinions in their designs.

Current product mix of our company includes:

  1. Enclosures
  2. Power supply units
  3. Switches and PoE devices
  4. Converters / inverters
  5. Standard RACK19"
  6. DIN standard
  7. Equipment for CCTV HD
  8. Accessories
  9. Fire protection systems
  10. Power supply of VAS by BOSCH
  11. Transformers
  12. Batteries
  13. Wires
  14. Mean Well
  15. ABS solutions
  16. OEM / ODM products