Individual designs

Konstrukcje Konstrukcje Konstrukcje Konstrukcje Konstrukcje Konstrukcje Konstrukcje Konstrukcje Konstrukcje Konstrukcje

Designing enclosures

Autodesk Inventor
3D design

3D PDF Converter
Possibility to view project in 3D PDF

Autodesk AutoCAD
2D design
preparation for punching machine

designing power supplies - hardware / software

Altium Designer
hardware design

software design

Microsoft Visual Studio
software design


We owe a complex machinery stock, with digital-control cutting machines which can cut sophisticated designs from different types of sheet – depending on client’s preferences. Examples of metal sheets:

steel sheet - 0,7mm ÷ 1,5mm

galvanized sheet - 0,7mm ÷ 1,5mm

aluminium sheet - 1mm ÷ 1,5mm

tinned sheet - 0,5mm (for screens)


white RAL9003

white - structure RAL 9003

grey - structure RAL 7035

beige - structure RAL 1001

red - structure RAL 3001

black - structure RAL 9005

other colours per request

Enclosure designs




removable front cover ”KO-2”


removable front cover ”KO-3”






RACK 19″ type ”KO-6”


removable front cover ”KO-7”






Removable RACK19" type ”KO-10”

Lid design

holes for micro switches, diodes, LED and LCD displays

LED fittings

UZ-1 type

UZ-2 type

UZ-3 type

holes in lid

Prints in various colours according to RAL


3D stickers


MC-1 type Removable hinges

MC-2 type Gapless removable hinges

MC-4 type Rivet hinges

MC-5 type Screwed hinges

MC-6 type Sliding hinges with spring

Lid closing

ZC-1 type Screwed

ZC-2 type front side mounting (Clipko M3, M4)

ZC-3 type metal lock with key

ZC-4 type Plastic lock without key

ZC-5 type Plastic lock with key

Distance from the wall

Metal spacer
5mm DS-1A type

Plastic spacer
11mm DS-1B type

Plastic spacer
8mm DS-2A type

Plastic spacer
14mm DS-2B type

Plastic spacer
14mm DS-2C type

Feet in self standing enclosures
DS-3 type

Plastic spacer – 8mm
DS-4A type

Plastic spacer – 14mm
DS-4B type

Metal spacer – 5mm
DS-5 type

Rail type spacer
DS-6 type

Rail type spacer
DS-7 type

Metal spacer 10mm
DS-8A type

Metal spacer 10mm
DS-8B type

Enclosure equipment

transformer TRP series - IP30

transformer TRZ series - IP43

transformer TOR series

transformer EI series

Power supply units
Open frame

electronic modules

Power supply units
for DIN rail
Mean Well Company

tamper switch
unwanted enclosure opening
TP-1 type

tamper switch
unwanted enclosure opening TP-2 type

tamper switch
enclosure detachment
in metallic cover TP-3 type

tamper switch
enclosure detachment
in a plastic cover TP-4 type

tamper switch
TP-5 type

12-way connector strips 2,5 / 4 / 6 mm2

terminal block with fuse: 3 or 5

shelves mounted permanently

hinged mounting plate

enclosure grounding

cable trays

Installation of equipment

holes + pins

PCB support


mounting on GE vertical slides

pressed-in threaded pins – FH

welded threaded pins – ST

SMPS threads

pressed-in threaded sleeves, non-through BSO type

pressed-in threaded sleeves, through SO type

pressed-in threaded sleeves – ST

PCB plastic pins

male/female hex spacers M3x10

openings for cable ties

openings for cable ties

RACK type mounting

screwed DIN rail

mounting on shelf

mounting on mounting plate

mounting on side mounting plate


„The „Gills” ventilation” – WT-1 type

rectangular holes – WT-2 type

Fan protection – WT-3 type

Cable entries

rubber grommets Ø10

full rubber grommets Ø24

glands IP68, M20, M16, M12

double embossing for punching Ø29/22

round embossing for punching

rectangular embossing for punching

Openings / Embossings

round holes, rectangular holes


other shapes

other shapes


embossing for glands

embossing for a lock

embossing for GSM antenna

Grounding symbol

names and numbering


Openings for cable ties

Pre-embossed opening for cable ties

Limiting embossing

Examples of enclosures

Examples of power supply units